Naturally Brewed, Quality Beers & Ciders For Less.

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Don’t worry yourself with expensive setup costs and complicated equipment, we have everything you need to brew and enjoy your own beer.

Boutique Brewery


Commercial Brewing System


Over 200 Different Beers


Only Quality Ingredients


NO Preservatives or Chemicals


Function Room


Bar Facility’s For Hire


Party’s / Functions (On Site)


Members Share Board


Party Keg Hire Equipment


Keg Equipment For Sale


CO2 Gas Bottle Filling

Just like the Big Breweries, we employ the same techniques to achieve similar results, however, because we are a boutique operation we handcraft our products locally for you, so our Brews are fresh and preservative free, straight from our fridge to yours.
Diagram of The Brewing Process


What is a Bright Beer?

Bright Beers are the freshest version of the beer, the original ‘Brew’ before mass production and commercialization becomes involved. The commercial brewery’s start with Bright Beer but then it undergoes their pasteurising process to make it last in transport. At Loose Moose, we use the traditional brewing process (Brewing, Fermentation, Filtration), and your beer HAS NOT been pasteurised so your beer is just great tasting, perfectly polished and ready to drink straight from our Brewery. 

We take pride in our brewing process and as lovers of beer, you can be sure we taste test our products to ensure quality for you.

Go ahead … Enjoy some Loose Moose

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own bottles?
Yes, they must be spotlessly clean. It’s quicker and easier if they are all the same height with neck labels removed.
Can I use twist top bottles?
Yes, although it is easier to cap crown seal bottles.
Do I have to bring my own caps?
No, caps and capping machine are provided on the bottling tables for your use.
How do I wash my bottles?

After each session, wash your bottles out in water, 2-3 times until all beer residue is removed.

Dry them upside down.

How do I bring dirty bottles back to life?

Your bottles need to be clean * No Mould * No Cloudiness

Bring bottles back to life:

  1. Fill washing tub with water, add a full cup of liquid bleach (any brand)
  2. Sink bottles in tub & leave soak for a minimum of 6-8 hours
  3. Rinse bottles with clean water & dry upside down if possible
Can I bring my own keg to fill?

Yes, We can fill all standard types, styles & sizes of beer kegs.

Please call to check if you are unsure.